All Illustrations by Donna Kay Lau

Surf Soup Couture are doodles, illustrations, and creative conceptual ideas, and sneak peek of the Surf Soup Projects.

They are all limited and can change.  Right now the line will be launched exclusively in Hawai'i and made and sold per order for retail. For Retail only...Donations are encouraged and the retail prices are listed on "Line Sheet" 

Surf Soup Picture Book Series and Surf Soup TV/Cartoon Show coming soon!
Lau’s book "Surf Soup" teaches children how to surf and provides character building lessons while learning how to surf. It also focuses on ocean conservation.  It is the first book in a series of specially themed subjects that addresses topics that are important for our children to understand.  Proceeds from the projects will be donated to ocean rehabilitation and various charities.  

Surf Soup


Surf Couture each piece is unique like you, and each piece is either recycled, a piece of my art, reused, repurposed, and more...some are numbered and some are not, but when they go up for sale it is either limited or one of a kind, and each piece is hand signed by the artist Donna Kay Lau.  The higher the donation the more money Surf Soup can donate and keep going on with the Surf Soup Producktions...We are all in the Soup Together.

Surf Soup Couture sold exclusively in Kauai' Hawai'I

If you are interested in wholesale or you would like to purchase please contact me below.

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